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Where to throw an EPIC Bachelor’s Party When in Manila

 Where to throw a Bachelor Party When in Manila



When in Manila, and you have a friend about to get married…you know you have to throw his Bachelor’s Party. However, where to throw the most bomb-diggity, EPIC bachelor’s party has always been a question that is tough to solve.

Fear not, dear reader. The When in Manila think-tank took some time off of their busy schedule to give you guys a helping hand. Using our state of the art technology and fact finding methods (i.e. google searching for stuff…), we’ve narrowed down 3 venues where it’s most likely an awesome place to throw a Bachelor’s Party. The three venues we chose are: A house party, party at a hotel room, and a specialized theme room / party suite.

Here’s our PROS and CONS for each venue and what our scientific research has concluded:

House Party:

The primary option because A) you’re too lazy to leave your own house and B) you’re waaaaay too lazy to leave your own house to go and find other venues.


Pro: You don’t have to pay for the venue


No venue charge? NO PROBLEM! *thumbs up*


Con: You’re responsible for cleaning up afterwards


….well THAT escalated quickly

Pro:  Since it’s your place, you can party all night long….


 “OMG! Y.O.L.O! SWAG! ”
(Rough Translation: I say good sirs and madams, I am having the most wonderful time of my life!)

Con: …just make sure it’s not too loud to disturb the neighbors


What he said

Pro: The food problem can be solved by two magical words: ‘pot luck’

Lucky-Tea-bestsellers-WIM What you EXPECT them to bring….


Con: Good luck if you didn’t assign them what type of food to bring…


…What everyone might actually bring.(NOTE: This ACTUALLY happened! My friends had a potluck and we all brought KK Donuts! REAL PHOTO!)

HOTEL ROOM pros and cons on next page …

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