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Victoria Court Gil Puyat: Party at the Room 65, Curve and Soft Elegance Suites

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When In Manila, and needing a cozy space for you to relax in, party with friends, or a party for two, if you know what we mean, just a 15-minute drive from the busy Makati Business District, the place to be is Victoria Court Gil Puyat. Just a block away from Gil Puyat Station, one can find this oasis of calm. We were shown three of their biggest rooms, Room 65, Curve and Soft Elegance Suites, venue of the shoot for upcoming Intimate Manila feature on hot Brazilian bonita, Gabriele Paraizo.

Victoria Court Gil Puyat’s Room 65

Room 65 is a medium sized room at Victoria Court Gil Puyat with a leather-layered mattress on a queen-sized bed. The room feels like a hall of mirrors for the number of mirrors placed strategically in all sides of the room. If the room is laser-lighted with the disco balls spinning, it gives out an intimate but party-like atmosphere. One interesting note is that the restroom has a glass door which means whoever is with you, may you be adding 4 to Room 65, if you know what I mean, would see what you are doing there.

Curve and Soft Elegance Suites of Victoria Court Gil Puyat

Curve Suite and Soft Elegance Suite are spacious rooms that can actually be merged into a single room. Divided only by double doors, you can request for it to be opened by the staff if you will occupy two rooms, good for intimate group parties for your barkada.

Victoria Court Gil Puyat’s Curve Suite

Taken by itself, the Curve Suite is a wooden-clad room that mixes angles and curves in a Zen-like harmony. An interesting fixture in this room is the bed canopy filled with triangles. The room is spacious and in fact, only half of the space has furniture on it, good for a dance, whether with a fun group of friends over free-flowing hard drink or a little tease before your intended intimate purpose.

Victoria Court Gil Puyat’s Soft Elegance Suite

Meanwhile, the Soft Elegance Suite is a dimmer version of the Curve Suite, only with simpler and more compact fare. The floor is shiny and has a reflective effect which gives the room dimensions more depth. If you want a more intimate space but at the good advantage of having a generous floor space, Soft Elegance Suite is the best choice and not to mention, a big space at the jacuzzi too.

Another preview photo for Intimate Manila at Victoria Court Gil Puyat 

If you want an even better look at the Victoria Court Gil Puyat rooms, watch out for the Gabriele Paraizo feature on Intimate Manila. When the need arises for some lone times or a venue for an intimate but relaxing private party in the Makati-Pasay area, Victoria Court Gil Puyat is definitely the best choice with a good service  at ease. The Intimate Manila team of When In Manila would like to thank Ms. Marco for her hospitality for personally assisting all throughout the duration of the shoot. Kudos from us!

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Room Photos by Victoria Court

 Victoria Court Gil Puyat: Party at the Room 65, Curve and Soft Elegance Suites

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