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Top 15 Models and Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon Car Show

 Top 15 Models and Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon Car Show

There’s just something about Asian girls…. they’re sweet, caring, loving and HOT!

We got to witness this first hand at the recent Manila Auto Salon car show!

After days of cars and babes, here are our choices for the Top 15 Models and Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon!

Photos below courtesy of photographers Peter Baltazar, Jan Marquez and Edmund Chua.

Manila Auto Salon WhenInManila

15. Christina Oquias

Morenas always have a special place in my heart. Christina Oquias shows you exactly what Filipina beauty is all about! Perfect tanned skin and a beautiful face to match it! Starting off our Top 15 hottest models list is Christina Oquias!

Christina Oquias

Christina Oquias

14. Joy Cortez

She’s got that lux look that’ll make you want to wine and dine her, while showing her off to all your friends! Say hi to our number 14 hottest babe, Joy Cortez!

Joy Cortez

Joy Cortez

13. Dale Meris

She looks like the type of girl you can bring home and introduce to your parents! But there’s something about her smile that tells me she’s got a wild streak to her as well! At number 13 hottest booth babes is Dale Meris!

Dale Meris

12. Angel Malit

Excuse me, would you please touch me so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel? … As I’ve said time and time again, girls named “Angel” always look so heavenly! At number 12 hottest girl is Angel Malit!

Angel Malit

Angel Malit

11. Mika Umali

She’s got a face that could launch a thousand ships, and a smile that could brighten up the darkest of places! At number 11 cutest girls at the Manila Auto Salon is Mika Umali!


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