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Top 10 Babes and Hotties at the Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014

Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014 – Top 10 Booth Babes and Hotties

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Intimate Manila is here to bring you yet again an article that will rev up your senses. One of our resident photographers: Peter Baltazar, just came from the Inside Racing Bike Festival that happened at the SMX Convention. There, he found a bevy of beautiful and amazing babes! Now, is here to give you the TOP TEN hotties he found on the scene.


Top 10 Babes and Hotties

Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014


10. Ester Panganiban – While this girl might be the first girl we’re showing you…make no dubtt that she’s a 10 out of 10 in our books. Ester, the hottie from the Zebra booth totally had us for a spin with her dazzling looks.

Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-10-Ester-Panganiban Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-10-Ester-Panganiban2 Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-10-Ester-Panganiban3


9.  Jan-Alipo-on – Jan has that face that can sail a thousand ships…and maybe even more. Jan is the NEW ninth wonder of the world (….well, in my world at least).

Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-9-Jan-Alipo-on2 Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-9-Jan-Alipo-on3


8.  Arianne Bautista – This vixen rocking the orange and black for the BKK totally caught us with her alluring eyes. Don’t stare too much or you might fall in love.

Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-8-Arianne-Bautista3 Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-8-Arianne-Bautista2 Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-8-Arianne-Bautista


 7. Christina Oquias – This cutie lands on our ‘lucky no. 7’ spot of the top 10 list because I know a number of men would love to ‘get lucky’ with Christina. Well..good luck, fellas.

Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-7-Christina-Oquias6 Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-7-Christina-Oquias2 Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-7-Christina-Oquias


6. The Kindipan Sisters (Abegale and Ruby) – Rounding up the sixth spot is not just one model..but two models. In fact, they are sisters. The Kindipan sisters were truly a sight to behold during the Inside Racing Bike Festival. Ruby and Abegale are both drop dead gorgeous girls and for us, double the hotness…double the fun.

Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-6-Kindipan-Sisters-Abegail Inside-Racing-Bike-Festival-2014-Top-10-Hotties-Intimate-Manila-6-Kindipan-Sisters-Abegail2







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