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The Front Face Lock: Christine Hallauer in UNO Magazine

So if ever your mortal enemy is right in front of you, what MMA move would you use to lay the smack down on them?

Before I answer this, let me assure everyone that I am a lover, not a fighter. But if the gloves need to come off well…I’d definitely go for the sleeper hold to wear them down.


Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-5 Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-9



The sleeper hold huh? Is that also the move you’d use on your date?

For a date, I’d probably go with the…oh -what’s-that-called…the “FONT FACE LOCK” *giggles*. The difference will be that I won’t choke him out and that it’ll be in a ‘loving way.’ I have to say though as of this interview I’m still single…



So what would it take to change your Facebook status of being single?

I really find a guy with a sense of humor attractive. I also like someone who is outgoing and would do something spontaneous. I’d give plus points to a guy who’d go out on a date with me where we do something else instead of the typical candle lit dinner. Like maybe a little indoor rock climbing at night for example, now that’s something out of the ordinary and exciting. Oh and also guys who are into fitness so we can workout together. Lateness is my big turn-off for a guy. I don’t like is being late. If someone’s planning to date me, he better be on time.


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Did you have any interesting fan interactions since you’ve been a model and a ONE FC ring girl?

There’s a couple of funny instances I’ve encountered like someone calling in and asking me to marry them on a radio show I was a guest of, but there’s a very interesting story I can give you. It involved someone asking me for a fan sign. The security guard called my attention one day at the place where I worked that someone wanted to see me. I met this person and it turned out to be someone who wanted to get my autograph. That was the FIRST TIME someone asked me for an autograph in Australia so I was surprised. What made it more surprising was that the person came all the way from Pakistan to meet me at my office building to get my autograph for his friend who was a ONE FC fan. I was happy and flattered to do the favor and give my autograph. It was one very interesting fan experience and it was touching to see someone go all the way out just to get an autograph for his friend.


Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-11 Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-10

Speaking of which, thanks for that autograph, and you never got back to me on that marriage proposal! Anyway, any last word to your growing followers?

I have fans? Haha! Well…. Thank you all so much for supporting and following me! Big kisses to you all! Oh and thanks so much to my management company here, Studio 9315 for getting me all these cool gigs!


Before we end, can you give me a sample of your special MMA move, that “Front Face Lock?”

Ummmm…. no


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Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-Group1Christine w/ the Intimate Manila Crew

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Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-13Christine looks good with that t-shirt 😉


As a bonus, here’s a video of Christine jumping on beds, in slow motion…

Hot Girls Jumping on Beds: Christine Hallauer Filipina Swiss Model from Australia


Christine Hallauer

Executive Producer: Vince Golangco

Model: Christine Hallauer

Photographer: Doc Allen

Video Director: Harold Soon

Writer: Martin V

HMUA: Carell Garcia

Agency:Studio 9315

Assistant Photographer: Chris Andrew Hizon

Accessories: The Kneutral Collection

Location: Victoria Court Cuneta




Pick up a copy of UNO Magazine issue # 94 to check out Christine Hallauer on their hot pages! Out now!



The Front Face Lock


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