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The Front Face Lock: Christine Hallauer in UNO Magazine

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The Front Face Lock


OneFC Ring Girl Christine Hallauer for #IntimateManila

The One Fighting Championship event, or ONE FC, is the biggest organized mixed martial arts event in Asia! Only a select handful get to compete at this level and each fight will leave you at the edge of your seat!


In such an elite event like this, you can expect that only the best of the best get to associate with this organization; with that said, you can also expect that their ring girls will be drop dead gorgeous!


Meet Christine Hallauer, our @IntimateManila ring girl hottie with a knockout body!


First of all, please don’t hit me Christina. I mean you and your OneFC fighting skills and all…..

I’m a lover not a fighter haha!


Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-3 Christine-Hallauer-Intimate-Manila-2


Oh ok, good to hear. So are you half lover and half Filipina?

I consider myself a Filipina! I was born and raised in Perth, Australia to a Filipina mother and a Swiss father.


So how sure are you that you still have “Filipina” blood in you?

I’ve always loved Filipino food, especially the stuff my mother would cook for me! I can’t tell you enough how good they are. I loved trying Sinigang, Adobo and Halo-halo during my visits here. In fact, there’s one Filipino thing I got addicted to eating here: the dried mangoes! I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of them! If you check my bag you’ll see two packs of dried mangoes.



Other than your talent for smuggling food, what other skills do you have? Are you an MMA fighter too?

As of right now, I’m not training competitively in any fighting style. However, I am doing some Muay Thai for my cardio workout. Being part of the ONE FC organization has made me fall in love with watching MMA fights. In the past I had a notion that MMA fights were a ‘male only’ sport, but now I can see that even myself and other female friends can get behind and have a good time watching or fighting professionally.



Check out the next page for more HOT pictures of Christine!

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