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Sheila Snow Returns to Heat Up your Chilly Nights

Sheila Snow, one of our favorite muses, makes her return just in the nick of time! Don’t you wish YOU were that pillow? 🙂   You see, it’s been quite chilly during the past few weeks and we needed someone as hot and sophisticated as Sheila to help “heat things up” for those chilly nights.   With a dreamy body that would make people stop and stare, Sheila is tailor-made to keep us warm in this cold weather.  Dear Ms. Snow, thank you once more for making us feel a bit warm in these very chilly nights.   Need more […]

Sexy Dark Angel Returns – Angelica De Torres for Intimate Manila

Angelica De Torres (a.k.a. Angel) is back and we got a bit more info on one of the hottest freelance models in the Philippines today. This ‘sexy dark angel’ will open up to us in more ways than one in this exciting pictorial.   Angel told us that modeling has been one of her dreams since she was young girl in the province. She never dreamed it would be possible to land but it happened. She told us that a photographer noticed her profile online and invited her to do a shoot, and the rest was history.   Check out […]

Angelica De Torres – Angelic Beauty

Angelica De Torres Meet Angelica De Torres, a.k.a. Angel, our latest Intimate Manila Muse. On first sight, we could definitely agree on her nickname because she does look like an angel that just fell from heaven to grace us with her beauty. We were lucky enough to have spent some time with her in this photo shoot. Check out our exclusive photos of Angelica De Torres.   Things are about to get steamy. Check out the next page for more of Angelica.

Celine HellOnHeels – One Helluva Sexy Lady

Celine HellOnHeels is a pole dancer,aerial arts and burlesque performer specializing in exotic/stripper style with explicit emphasis on aggressive, defiant and savage floor f*****y. IT WAS A DAY after the debauchery that was KINK KARNIVAL, that I got a private message in my social media account from one of the exhibitors at the event, who also have seen my short performance that night, and offered a possible collaboration—an obscure entity only known as the cinematographer at Les Filles de Pigalle.  Took a moment to stalk the page of Les Filles de Pigalle,which themes are of dark and sexual nature–composed of […]

Making it Reyn in Manila with Reyn Torres

Intimate Manila will continue to make it REYN with the sexy Reyn Torres   Check out our short but super steamy video of this sexy vixen if you’re craving for more Reyn!   Reyn Torres for #IntimateManila   Only in Intimate Manila can you see the hottest babes in the Metro, just like Reyn Torres.   intimatemanila.com Executive Producer: Vince Golangco Photographer: Doc Allen Video Director: Mikey Del Rosario CameraMan: Jassem Nilong Stylist: Kristine Toribio HMUA: Elle Lubigan Model: Reyn Torres Location: Vicotia Court, North Edsa

Reyn Torres – Bringing Sexy Back

Her name is Reyn, and she’s bring sexy back! (yep)   Horrible Justin Timberlake references aside, Reyn Torres is one of the hottest women in Manila today and she indeed has a sexy back(side), if you know what I mean. Our latest Intimate Manila muse, Reyn Torres, will leave you breathless with her second feature. Don’t want to take our word for it? Fine, let us give you the photographic evidence of Reyn Torres’ hotness.   intimatemanila.com Executive Producer: Vince Golangco Photographer: Doc Allen Video Director: Mikey Del Rosario CameraMan: Jassem Nilong Stylist: Kristine Toribio HMUA: Elle Lubigan Model: Reyn […]

Elizabeth Fross Has ‘Fine’ Written All Over Her

When in Manila, you may be hard pressed to find someone who looks as beautiful as our newest Intimate Manila muse, Elizabeth Fross. You can say she has ‘fine’ written all over her.   You might have seen Elizabeth in one of our pictures with Anne Stockton and the Intimate Manila crew and wondered when her solo spread is coming to our site. Wonder no more!   Ever since coming to Manila, the lovely lass from Butuan has been turning a lot of heads. Recently, we heard that Elizabeth has signed a contract with a very prominent entertainment company. As we […]

Joycee Castro – One of the MOST Beautiful Creatures in Manila

Meet Joycee Castro, one of the hottest models in Manila!   Joycee, a well known car show and magazine model, finally graces Intimate Manila with her beauty and that undeniable aura of sexiness. We had a chance to not only get a steamy photo shoot with this girl. However, we also had a short yet intimate discussion with her as well 😉     Asked on how she describes herself, she said that her name is Joycee. “Today a name, tomorrow, a legend.”   Her hips and butt are her favorite body parts and she knows how to work them. […]

Jade Furuta – Stunning Japanese-Brazilian Struts Her Stuff

Meet Jade Furuta, one of our most fascinating Intimate Manila muses yet, knows how to strut her stuff. The Japanese-Brazilian beauty captivated us with her beauty and poise during our shoot. Jade, in our experience, truly knows how to work for the cameras. Check out how Jade struts her stuff with these glamorous pictures. INTIMATE MANILA Executive Producer: Vince Golangco Model: Jade Furuta Photographer: Doc Allen Videographer: Harold Soon Styling: Kristine Toribio HMUA: Carell Garcia Swimwear: SunSpell Swimwear and Cesa PH Location: Victoria Court, Malate  

Jade Furuta

All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos

All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos     “Rope Bondage Dominatrix” – it’s quite a title to have on your business card, yet this is one that Joyen Santos holds proudly! Don’t let the cute smile fool you, as these treats from the “Queen of Rope” will have you tricked and bound faster than you can tie your shoelaces. What started out as a small curiosity from watching Japanese anime (anime fans will understand) eventually turned into a full-fledged personal infatuation. Joyen, now one of the top rope experts in Manila, believes that the texture of […]

Joyen Santos – Naughty and Nice with the Queen of Rope

Joyen Santos – The Sexy Siren Has Arrived Joyen Santos and her tantalizing eyes Joyen Santos is, in plain words, a singing and dancing Catwoman in the Grand Chapiteau. She is an audiophile who can and will appreciate any and all kinds of music. Having had varied experiences and plenty of success in the local rock and metal scene through her band The Black Vomits, she is now branching out — lending her sultry “female tenor” voice and unique style to deep house, dubstep, and triphop through Tonedef Music. Joyen has been involved in music in some way or another […]

Joyen Santos

Jelai Andres – Best Booty in Manila, Jumping in Slow Motion

Jelai Andres – Best Booty in Manila, Jumping in Slow Motion   Intimate Manila has all the right girls with all the best ASSETS, if you know what I mean. Jelai Andres is one smokin’ babe with one of the biggest booties you’ve ever seen. So what better way to show off her super fine booty than a video with her jumping…IN SLOW MOTION?!     Jelai Andres for #IntimateManila   INTIMATE MANILA   Executive Producer: Vince Golangco Photographer: Doc Allen Video Director: Harold Soon Video Editor: Dino Pastrano HMUA: Carell Garcia of BYS Cosmetics Stylist: Kristine Toribio Writer: Mariel […]

Christine Hallauer – Hot ONE FC Ring Girl Jumping on Beds!

  Christine Hallauer – Hot ONE FC Ring Girl Jumping on Beds!   Intimate Manila would like to introduce you to one of the HOTTEST women in the world today…Christine Hallauer. This Filipina-Swiss Hottie made a name for herself as being one of the sexy ONEFC ring girls and is now making waves in the Philippines. We have shown you the unreleased photos from her UNO Magazine debut..and now..here’s something a little special for those who were too distracted by the beauty of Christine in the previous post. Intimate Manila has your video hookup on Christine Hallauer.   OneFC Ring […]

Fifty Shades of Fun at Victoria Court Cuneta

Fifty Shades of Fun at Victoria Court Cuneta   Victoria Court has been changing and evolving and believes its greatest competitor is itself. One aspect that puts Victoria Court a cut above the rest is their passionate drive to create the perfect themed suite. Researching modern, cultural and historical behavior and trends, the team thinks of fun, exciting and romantic themes that guests will relate to. They also benchmark with first class hotels here and in countries abroad for unique amenities that add to the guest’s delight. All this for the pursuit of the perfect suite for the perfect host. […]

Intimate Manila: Kookai Sarmiento Does Not Like Pants

Kookai Sarmiento – Intimate Manila’s Latest Muse   When in Manila is bringing you another scintillating edition of Intimate Manila. In this issue, we’d like to introduce to you a girl that would rock your world: Kookai Sarmiento.   Kookai Sarmiento @ Intimate Manila’s Sizzling New Entry! With her rockin’ body and nice curves, Kookai has all the tools to look sexy in any attire. In this Intimate Manila shoot, Kookai proved to us she can be the next hot Bond Girl. There’s no doubt that this girl will make you feel James Bond’s Martini…shaken…not stirred. But for this former […]

Where to throw an EPIC Bachelor’s Party When in Manila

 Where to throw a Bachelor Party When in Manila   When in Manila, and you have a friend about to get married…you know you have to throw his Bachelor’s Party. However, where to throw the most bomb-diggity, EPIC bachelor’s party has always been a question that is tough to solve. Fear not, dear reader. The When in Manila think-tank took some time off of their busy schedule to give you guys a helping hand. Using our state of the art technology and fact finding methods (i.e. google searching for stuff…), we’ve narrowed down 3 venues where it’s most likely an […]

Bachelorette Party Theme Rooms in Manila: Best Bridal Shower Locations

  When in Manila, a fireman, a police officer and 11 ladies have a secret –  Something fun, sexy and raunchy has happened one evening in  Manila – a bachelorette party like no other!  The corners and walls of the room called Casino Royale are the only witnesses of this activity. We found the best place to hold the Bachelorette Party / Bridal Shower is at the Victoria Court themed party rooms that can easily fit a dozen or more people! THE ROOM  “Welcome to Victoria Court!”, the room boy greeted us. I was with my girl friend who was also clad […]

JOIN The Victoria Court #WhereNext? Campaign

When in Manila, be sure to JOIN the Victoria Court #WhereNext  Funniest Photo  and WIN a Party for 15 guests at any of their party rooms with food and drinks included!   Be sure to read the mechanics carefully specially #8 JOIN The Victoria Court #WhereNext? Campaign

NEW Victoria Court Malate “Red Room” inspired by 50 Shades of Grey

When In Manila and looking for the  one place that’ll have your imaginations running wild, then head over to the new Victoria Court Malate! Victoria Court has been really pulling out all the stops with their latest line of themed suites with themed suites that’ll give you a totally novel experience. Its latest suite is the Red Room, inspired by the book “50 Shades of Grey.” This one is not for the timid! Studies have shown that couples today are wishing they had better intimate relations. There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that familiarity has […]

Brazilian Bonita in Manila Gabriele Paraizo: Intimate Manila

Intimate Manila: Gabriele Paraizo Intimate Manila presents Gabriele Paraizo When In Manila is bring you another edition of our sizzling addition, Intimate Manila, and this time, we have made another first by bringing in our first foreign model, a hot Brazilian bonita at that. Gabriele Paraizo will bring us to paradise with her tempting eyes, pretty face and a natural high-fashion aura as we are lucky to have her for the set. Intimate Manila: Gabi’s eyes are one of her most tantalizing aspects.  I have to admit, the language difference was a bit of a challenge but yours truly showed off […]