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Top 10 Babes and Hotties at the Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014

Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014 – Top 10 Booth Babes and Hotties Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Intimate Manila is here to bring you yet again an article that will rev up your senses. One of our resident photographers: Peter Baltazar, just came from the Inside Racing Bike Festival that happened at the SMX Convention. There, he found a bevy of beautiful and amazing babes! Now, is here to give you the TOP TEN hotties he found on the scene.   Top 10 Babes and Hotties Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014   10. Ester Panganiban – While this girl might be the […]

Hot Import Nights Autoshow: Top 10 Models at HIN Car Show

 Hot Import Nights Autoshow: Top 10 Models at HIN Car Show The Hot Import Nights 2 (HIN2) came and went faster and more furious than ever! Just in case you missed it, we made sure to get you the HOTTEST backstage passes you could get your hands on! We made sure to send two of our top photographers to get you the inside scoop. We send our Senior Photographer Pete Baltazar and Intimate Manila Head Photographer Doc Allen to find the most sizzling women at the Hot Import Nights Manila Car Show! Here’s Pete Baltazar’s choices for his Top 10 […]

Hosting the 2011 Boss Ironman Motorcycle Challenge Victory Party of Club PK

That Club PK Victory Party was off there hook! Here I am with my co-host Hannah and the FHM Babes and Premier Vixens – Christine Marquez, Karen Bordador and Paulene So We just wanted to congratulate Club PK for winning 1st place in the 2011 Boss Ironman Challenge! It was an honor to be able to join you and host your Club PK Victory Party! I (DJ Vince) hosted their victory party along with Hannah of and Tek Tok TV.   The name “Pokpoks” is first used to refer to this sport bike group. Several explanations have been offered […]

FHM Philippines Premiere Vixens Party: Manila Nightlife at LAX Club Backstage

  Anytime FHM Philippines hosts a party, you’re sure to find two things there…. BOOBIES!!!! (and lots of it!) So it was to my absolute delight to attend another FHM Philippines party. Yes I know, it’s a very tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right? Thanks of course to the awesome people at LAX. I really enjoy the service and hospitality there. Everyone from the owners, to the servers and even the bouncers are always treating the Manila nightlife crowds with A class hospitality. I was able to get a backstage sneak peak before the LAX + FHM […]

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