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Top 10 Worst Pickup Lines Tested on International Model Maya T: Japanese Canadian OneFC Ring Girl for Intimate Manila

Top 10 Worst Pickup Lines Tested on International Model Maya T: Japanese Canadian OneFC Ring Girl for Intimate Manila   Intimate Manila Presents: Maya T   Upon seeing the absolute beauty of a woman, OneFC Ring Girl Maya T, my futile mind immediately came up with the worst possible joke ever:   Me: “So Maya T…. how are you related to Mr. T….? Haha, I pity the fool!” Maya T: “Huh?”  Vince: “She grew up in Japan, she might not know who Mr. T is.” And again, my life skills fail me…. But after that, I went on to have […]

Ellen Adarna’s Exercise Video Trends on YouTube

When In Manila, who in the Philippines doesn’t know Ellen Adarna? photo taken from her Instagram account Have you seen her latest video that hit a million views on YouTube in a span of 6 days? Ellen Adarna’s Exercise Video I’m a follower of Ellen Adarna on instagram and I get updated with her exercise photos and videos almost everyday. I know that she is always into fitness, very proud to show her body and I admire her for that. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw the preview of her exercise video produced by and directed by Raffy […]

Intimate Manila: Kookai Sarmiento Does Not Like Pants

Kookai Sarmiento – Intimate Manila’s Latest Muse   When in Manila is bringing you another scintillating edition of Intimate Manila. In this issue, we’d like to introduce to you a girl that would rock your world: Kookai Sarmiento.   Kookai Sarmiento @ Intimate Manila’s Sizzling New Entry! With her rockin’ body and nice curves, Kookai has all the tools to look sexy in any attire. In this Intimate Manila shoot, Kookai proved to us she can be the next hot Bond Girl. There’s no doubt that this girl will make you feel James Bond’s Martini…shaken…not stirred. But for this former […]

Karen Bordador aka Naughty Teacher K, Teaches us a Lesson in Sexiness

Karen Bordador: Naughty Teacher K Teaches us a Lesson in Sexiness  Intimate Manila: Karen Bordador What makes a woman beautiful and sexy? When In Manila, Karen Bordador is the embodiment of those two adjectives. She is sexy and of course without a doubt beautiful! She is also in my humble opinion what we consider the Filipina beauty: morena, sexy and most importantly, intelligent! She is doing everything — print, online, radio and television. She is everywhere and in every platform, she has huge followers on her social media accounts, but she’s still barely making her way up the ranks. That’s why one sizzling […]

Karen Bordador

NEW Victoria Court Malate “Red Room” inspired by 50 Shades of Grey

When In Manila and looking for the  one place that’ll have your imaginations running wild, then head over to the new Victoria Court Malate! Victoria Court has been really pulling out all the stops with their latest line of themed suites with themed suites that’ll give you a totally novel experience. Its latest suite is the Red Room, inspired by the book “50 Shades of Grey.” This one is not for the timid! Studies have shown that couples today are wishing they had better intimate relations. There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that familiarity has […]

Proud to be Pinay, Brandy Gier, is a Tigress Hunting for her Vulnerable Prey: Intimate Manila

When In Manila, what isn’t there to love?! From the great food, to the amazing nightlife, the friendly people, and most of all, the beautiful girls, everything here is definitely more fun! Not only are the girls beautiful, but they’re pretty talented as well. They sing, dance, loan you money and pick your locks! OK, maybe not all girls do that, but our next #IntimateManila muse definitely does! Meet Brandy Gier, one of the members of the P2BP (Proud 2 Be Pinay) girl dance group.   Brandy, other than singing and dancing with your girl group, what else are you […]

WhenInManila’s Hottest Ladies of 2012

There are always those women that men love and women love to hate. Sexy, beautiful, and with just enough attitude, these ladies certainly made our 2012 sizzle. From one girl to another, here are 5 notably hot ladies that even I cannot seem get enough of. Without further ado,  the top 5 sexy ladies of 2012, When In Manila:   1. Janine Tugonon Having graduated as Cum Laude from UST with a degree in Pharmacy, this Miss Universe 2012 runner up is not just a looker. The native of Bataan did not only dazzle with her cobra walk, she wowed the […]

Paulene So: The Queen of Manila in Slow Motion

Intimate Manila: Paulene So   When in Manila, as I wait for our model to join us at our “Intimate Manila” photoshoot, I figured I’d start my story and this article with some insightful information that will surely benefit all our readers. There is only one essential thing you need to know! It is probably the most important piece of knowledge that will ever….. OMG…. Paulene So just walked in….. OMG…. she’s…. beauty…. OMG….. what was I saying…. I totally forgot what we were talking about…. OMG Paulene So is really pretty in person….asdghafhtrhtgncvb…  *drool*  The  face that could launch […]

Candyland Suite at Victoria Court Malate Inspired by the Katy Perry California Girls Music Video

When in Manila would like to bring you one of Victoria Court Malate’s newest suites this month: The Candyland Suite.    Victoria Court Malate’s Candyland Suite The Candyland Suite at Victoria Court Malate is mainly inspired by Katy Perry, including her smash hit California Girls. The customer would be treated to a ‘candy land’ garage on their way to the room. The candy land theme is still in full effect with the huge lollipop fixtures and the light colors that surround the room. Feel like you’re in a Teenage Dream as you relax on the room’s king-sized bed. Keep yourself Wide Awake […]

Southern Filipina Davao Beauty: Intimate Manila features Jenz Jardeleza

 Southern Filipina Davao Beauty: Intimate Manila features Jenz Jardeleza   When in Manila and wondering what kind of pretty things you might see in the far south of the Philippines, then look no further as we bring you this edition of Intimate Manila featuring one of the newest models to grace the scene, Ms. Jenz Jardeleza. This hottie came from Davao city and is new to the big city, so we at Intimate Manila thought we’d show her off as our southern arm candy!   Intimate Manila: Featuring the New Hottie in Town, Jenz Jardeleza   Hey Jenz. So I heard […]

Brazilian Bonita in Manila Gabriele Paraizo: Intimate Manila

Intimate Manila: Gabriele Paraizo Intimate Manila presents Gabriele Paraizo When In Manila is bring you another edition of our sizzling addition, Intimate Manila, and this time, we have made another first by bringing in our first foreign model, a hot Brazilian bonita at that. Gabriele Paraizo will bring us to paradise with her tempting eyes, pretty face and a natural high-fashion aura as we are lucky to have her for the set. Intimate Manila: Gabi’s eyes are one of her most tantalizing aspects.  I have to admit, the language difference was a bit of a challenge but yours truly showed off […]

Sohotel Malate’s Party Suite: The One Suite Where You Can Relax and Party at the Same Time

When in Manila and you want a place to have one unforgettable party, drop by at Sohotel Malate where they have a place just for that: the Party Suite.  The Party Suite in Sohotel has the size and the features to make your party into one of the most unforgettable parties in recent history. Sohotel Malate’s Party Suite The Party Suite’s impressive room size can house around 15 to 20 people for any parties or functions. If you thought the suite itself was the only thing that was big, wait until you see the bed. The bed inside Sohotel’s Party […]

Victoria Court Gil Puyat: Party at the Room 65, Curve and Soft Elegance Suites

Intimate Manila Preview Next Feature Model: Gabriele Paraizo When In Manila, and needing a cozy space for you to relax in, party with friends, or a party for two, if you know what we mean, just a 15-minute drive from the busy Makati Business District, the place to be is Victoria Court Gil Puyat. Just a block away from Gil Puyat Station, one can find this oasis of calm. We were shown three of their biggest rooms, Room 65, Curve and Soft Elegance Suites, venue of the shoot for upcoming Intimate Manila feature on hot Brazilian bonita, Gabriele Paraizo. Victoria […]

Intimate Manila: Paloma Esmeria Retires – Hanging Up the Thong After Years of Making Men Forget Their Names

 Intimate Manila: Paloma Esmeria Intimate Manila Presents: Paloma Esmeria When in Manila brings you another edition of Intimate Manila, and this time we’re pulling out all the stops!  Paloma Esmeria, one of the country’s hottest glamour model graces this edition of Intimate Manila with the flair and curves that only a Paloma can deliver. Paloma Esmeria showing off  the assets  for Intimate Manila   With the help of’s founder Vince Golangco, I had the opportunity to interview this one of a kind model for this edition of Intimate Manila. However, moments before the shoot and interview began, I already […]

Intimate Manila: The More Sensual Side of the Filipina, featuring Daniella Jose

Intimate Manila: The More Sensual Side of the Filipina, featuring Daniella Jose   When in Manila, you’re bound to see beautiful sights and sounds. This first article for Intimate Manila would bring you just that, with our Filipina muse : Daniella Jose. Intimate Manila: Daniella Jose A reflection of beauty  Intimate Manila was created by the team in order to fully explore the beauty of Manila and the Philippines. We realized that getting a quarter million, or more specifically: over 300,000 views per month, was a big deal, so we wanted to make sure we were showing off all there really […]

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