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Swimsuit Special: UNO Magazine Makes Summer Hotter

  UNO Magazine Makes Summer Hotter with 2014 Swimsuit Special     UNO Magazine’s weather forecast for the summer: It’s going to be scorching hot, sexy and awesome all at once. And it’s not going to be because of the sun or the beach. It’s because of the collector’s mag we  have lovingly prepared for the rainy days ahead: UNO’S 2014 Swimsuit Special!   Here are the other sizzlin’ hot covers you can choose from in this month’s issue of UNO Magazine   Manila’s temperature hitting thirty-six degrees? Brotha, please! That’s winter compared to not one, nor two, but FOUR […]

Manila Auto Salon 2013 Car Show: Top 10 HOTTEST Models and Booth Babes (Day 1)

Manila Auto Salon 2013 Car Show: Top 10 HOTTEST Models and Booth Babes (day 1) The Manila Auto Salon car show, happening on November 14-17, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, was one not to be missed! But just in case you’re an extreme car enthusiast who missed the show, well worry not, as I sent in my photographer Doc X De Jesus to snap some photos of the most amazing cars there…. Wait what…. He forgot to what…?! OK… well… ummmm…..  looks like my photographer got distracted…. and forgot to take photos of the cars there… but I’m not […]

Intimate Manila: Kookai Sarmiento Does Not Like Pants

Kookai Sarmiento – Intimate Manila’s Latest Muse   When in Manila is bringing you another scintillating edition of Intimate Manila. In this issue, we’d like to introduce to you a girl that would rock your world: Kookai Sarmiento.   Kookai Sarmiento @ Intimate Manila’s Sizzling New Entry! With her rockin’ body and nice curves, Kookai has all the tools to look sexy in any attire. In this Intimate Manila shoot, Kookai proved to us she can be the next hot Bond Girl. There’s no doubt that this girl will make you feel James Bond’s Martini…shaken…not stirred. But for this former […]

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