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Lady in the Mirror by Joyen Santos

Lady in the Mirror Joyen Santos: singer/songwriter, rope bondage dominatrix, the bad girl of burlesque, alt model, and crazy cat lady based in Manila, Philippines   There is this cryptic hyper erotic French photographer who’s been running around shooting my friends from the kink scene for quite some time now. My Type A intuition tells me to do a background check first and I do not see any images of the proponent, only those of his subjects – most of them pulsating with violent sexual energy midway through self pleasure. Initial thoughts? Hah. I like this photographer already. We finally […]

All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos

All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos     “Rope Bondage Dominatrix” – it’s quite a title to have on your business card, yet this is one that Joyen Santos holds proudly! Don’t let the cute smile fool you, as these treats from the “Queen of Rope” will have you tricked and bound faster than you can tie your shoelaces. What started out as a small curiosity from watching Japanese anime (anime fans will understand) eventually turned into a full-fledged personal infatuation. Joyen, now one of the top rope experts in Manila, believes that the texture of […]

Joyen Santos – Naughty and Nice with the Queen of Rope

Joyen Santos – The Sexy Siren Has Arrived Joyen Santos and her tantalizing eyes Joyen Santos is, in plain words, a singing and dancing Catwoman in the Grand Chapiteau. She is an audiophile who can and will appreciate any and all kinds of music. Having had varied experiences and plenty of success in the local rock and metal scene through her band The Black Vomits, she is now branching out — lending her sultry “female tenor” voice and unique style to deep house, dubstep, and triphop through Tonedef Music. Joyen has been involved in music in some way or another […]

Joyen Santos