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Sheila Snow Returns to Heat Up your Chilly Nights

Sheila Snow, one of our favorite muses, makes her return just in the nick of time! Don’t you wish YOU were that pillow? 🙂   You see, it’s been quite chilly during the past few weeks and we needed someone as hot and sophisticated as Sheila to help “heat things up” for those chilly nights.   With a dreamy body that would make people stop and stare, Sheila is tailor-made to keep us warm in this cold weather.  Dear Ms. Snow, thank you once more for making us feel a bit warm in these very chilly nights.   Need more […]

Sheila Snow: Girl Next Door Manila Model Unreleased Photos

 Sheila Snow: Girl Next Door Manila Model Unreleased Photos Here’s just some exclusive shots of newbie model Sheila S.  She debuted in UNO Magazine issue #93 and you can see more of those shots here – Blurred Lines No More: Sheila Snow in UNO Magazine But because of popular demand, here are more shots of this hot Manila model: Sheila Snow!     Sheila Snow Executive Producer: Vince Golangco Model: Sheila Snow Photographer: Doc Allen Video Director: Harold Soon HMUA: Lhen De Jesus-Ong Stylist: Kristine Toribio Lights: Martin V Assistant Photographer: Chris Andrew Hizon Location: Victoria Court Malate Pick up a copy of UNO Magazine issue #93 to see Sheila Snow again! You can […]

Blurred Lines No More: Sheila Snow in UNO Magazine

Blurred Lines No More Everybody get up! Hey, hey, hey! ♪ ♫ There’s a new bombshell in town, and we can’t help but compare her to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video star: Emily Ratajkowski! Just in case you’re not sure which girl we’re talking about in that video…. no…. you KNOW which one we’re talking about! The only difference is that there aren’t any blurred lines with our muse; she’s a straight to the point type of girl! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sheila Snow, our latest #IntimateManila seductress. Beautiful @iamSheilaS in this month’s UNO Magazine for @IntimateManila  So are […]