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Reyn Torres – Bringing Sexy Back

Her name is Reyn, and she’s bring sexy back! (yep)


Horrible Justin Timberlake references aside, Reyn Torres is one of the hottest women in Manila today and she indeed has a sexy back(side), if you know what I mean.

Our latest Intimate Manila muse, Reyn Torres, will leave you breathless with her second feature.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Fine, let us give you the photographic evidence of Reyn Torres’ hotness.

Executive Producer: Vince Golangco
Photographer: Doc Allen
Video Director: Mikey Del Rosario
CameraMan: Jassem Nilong
Stylist: Kristine Toribio
HMUA: Elle Lubigan
Model: Reyn Torres
Location: Vicotia Court, North Edsa


Reyn-Torres-Bringing-Sexy-Back-4 Reyn-Torres-Bringing-Sexy-Back-5 Reyn-Torres-Bringing-Sexy-Back-6 Reyn-Torres-Bringing-Sexy-Back-7 Reyn-Torres-Bringing-Sexy-Back-8

Still not convinced? We got more Reyn Torres on the next page:

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