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Regina Francia – Filipina-Chinese Hottie from Cali

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Regina Francia – Filipina-Chinese Hottie from Cali


I know what you’re thinking: Who is the beautiful creature that I’m looking at? Her name is Regina Francia. This Filipina-Chinese model from California has been making waves in the modeling scene in recent years. We caught up with the California Girl and got to ask her a few questions.




Hi Regina! May you kindly give us a brief introduction of yourself? 

My name is Regina. I am a 24 year old model from Southern California. I am of Filipino-Chinese descent, born in the Philippines but raised in the US. I’m a College student by day, and waitress/ bartender by night.

What achievements do you have under your belt so far? 

I got featured in a Japanese Magazine which was pretty awesome, since I love everything about that culture! I am also very proud of myself for getting the car I’ve been wanting ever since it came out (Scion FRS) and I’m still aiming to get a second car.




What can we look forward to with your career or life? 

Restaurant has been something I’ve always wanted to do! One day I would like to partner with someone and create a popular restaurant joint that people will remember. Specifically, I wanna be able to establish a restaurant that has a ‘hip vibe’. I’m obsessed with sweets, so my restaurant would more likely be serving Boba (Bubble Tea) and desserts!


Yum! Speaking of…yum…What is your favorite part of your body? Why? 

I would say my chest *winks* hahahaha


What is your favorite part of a man’s body? How about his personality? What personality traits of a guy do you find ‘sexy’?

A man’s back and cheek bones. I’m a sucker for nice cheek bones! For me, Intelligence is sexy! I like a man that I can have a proper conversation with.

What do you find sexy for girls?

Confidence and class!


Regina-Francia-Filipina-Chinese-Hottie-from-Cali-Intimate-Manila-7Regina is ready to kiss and tell

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Not gonna lie, I have. I was drunk at a party and I made out it this one girl. We just stumbled upon each other and the next thing u know I’m on someone’s room with her. Let’s just say it was a long night.


Who is your girl crush?

This model named Erica Nagashima, she keeps it sexy with class.


Which model/s do you look up to or idolize?

Christine Mendoza. She was an old school import model and she does alot of charity in the Filipino community. I’ve always wanted to go back and help the needy.


What’s your favorite kind of music? Any particular artists/bands that are usually playing on your spotify?

I can’t pick any certain artists or bands, to be honest. It depends on my mood. I’m into acoustics, jazz, EDM, hip-hop…everything!

How can a guy date a girl like you? Any tips you’d like to give us?

Just be confident! Be a gentleman. Open the door for me and don’t be cheap. I like a guy that still has chivalry.


What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done with a guy? 

Maybe just do a lot of role play? I dunno! *laughs*


What makes you smile?

Food and puppies!!!


What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? 

Driving with a friend to Las Vegas, just for the hell of it!


Describe your worst date to us. How bad was it?

Some guy bragged about how much money he made and would only talk about himself. It was so annoying and when it came down to paying the bill he only tipped a dollar. I hate cheap people, one of my biggest pet peeves.


How about your best date ever?

A guy took me out to Disneyland and surprised me with a matching Minnie&Mickey shirt for him and I to wear. It was really sweet and we got to watch the fire works holding head, truly magical!



Instagram: @ReginaFrancia

Pictures From: Tony Yang, Halcyonvault.com, @AndrewThePhotographer, Keith Cheng, and Amped Asia

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