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Proud to be Pinay, Brandy Gier, is a Tigress Hunting for her Vulnerable Prey: Intimate Manila

When In Manila, what isn’t there to love?! From the great food, to the amazing nightlife, the friendly people, and most of all, the beautiful girls, everything here is definitely more fun!

Not only are the girls beautiful, but they’re pretty talented as well. They sing, dance, loan you money and pick your locks! OK, maybe not all girls do that, but our next #IntimateManila muse definitely does!

Meet Brandy Gier, one of the members of the P2BP (Proud 2 Be Pinay) girl dance group.




Brandy, other than singing and dancing with your girl group, what else are you really good at? 

Ummm…. let me think…. Well I’m good at being cute, lending money, washing cars and picking locks!

OK, one at a time. Let’s start with the picking locks thing. Can you really Catwoman a lock? 

Hahahaha ok I was kidding about that. See there was this one incident where I forgot to bring my key and I got locked out of my house. I waited outside for hours but my roommates never came back. So I decided to do like the movies do and pick the lock. So I pulled off some McGuyver stuff with my hairpins and all.

Did it work?

No…. FAIL! hahahah I ended up having to climb up to a window in a dress!




Wow, well, good job I guess… so how about the lending money part. What’s the deal with that?

I say I’m good at it because I’m too shy to ask for the money back. So usually, when people loan money from me, it doesn’t ever come back to me. I’m too nice.

Speaking of which, could you loan me some money for my cab back home? But anyway, does everyone take advantage of you? How are your relationships?

Actually it’s the total opposite for relationships. I want to be in control! I’m the boss in the relationship! 

Proud to be Pinay Brandy Gier on #IntimateManila from WhenInManila


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  1. Judel Arugay says:

    I’d let this tigress maul me anytime. Giggity giggity.

  2. Devon says:

    her accessories do not match her outfits. they made her look cheap and trashy. reminded me of how the “girls” in malate over-accessorize with their peek-a-boo clothes with hardware – just like the swimsuit brandy is wearing.

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