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Paulene So: The Queen of Manila in Slow Motion

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Intimate Manila: Paulene So


When in Manila, as I wait for our model to join us at our “Intimate Manila” photoshoot, I figured I’d start my story and this article with some insightful information that will surely benefit all our readers. There is only one essential thing you need to know! It is probably the most important piece of knowledge that will ever….. OMG…. Paulene So just walked in….. OMG…. she’s…. beauty…. OMG….. what was I saying…. I totally forgot what we were talking about…. OMG Paulene So is really pretty in person….asdghafhtrhtgncvb…  *drool*

 The  face that could launch a thousand ships

When Paulene So walks into a room, time seems to slow down and nothing else seems to matter.

It’s like the time-space-continuum  comes to an absolute halt as this Dubai-raised vixen, Paulene, smiles and makes eye contact with everyone there. As we each adjust and adapt to our new reality, we tried to find out what exactly it is about Paulene So that make the seconds seem like minutes, and the minutes seem like hours.

Here’s a video of what it feels like to be in slow motion  when you’re in a room with Paulene So:

Paulene So: The Queen of Manila – WhenInManila.com’s Intimate Manila series  VIDEO by Harold Soon 

Time slows down and we started to see double. We were probably just in-punch-drunk-love with Paulene So


As we sat in awe, and probably in drool, and as our bodies adjusted to the slower time space continuum, we at WhenInManila.com decided to do the only decent thing any other man would do! We wanted to get our readers a heart warming, well written, thought provoking and sincere story about our beautiful, intimate muse. We wanted to be the respectable and journalistic gentleman our mothers raised us to be! So we asked Paulene….. if she’s ever kissed another girl before…


PPPaaauuullleeennneee,,, hhhaaavvveee yyyooouuu… OH WAIT, let me adjust that to regular speed from our slow motion thingy:

Paulene, have you ever kissed a girl and liked it? 

On the lips? Yes I have kissed a girl and I gotta say, I liked it. It happened during one wild party a few years ago and it was a spur of the moment thing. But, now that you brought it up, it has been a long time since that happened. I might try to snatch another kiss soon. *winks seductively*


And BOOM! That’s my journalistic angle right there for a compelling story!   

It was also at this point it hit me that journalism wasn’t my strong trait.  Either way, it’s Paulene So, so just take a peek and enjoy the damn photos! 


 Not  THAT kind of peek! 

In all seriousness though, Paulene, you’re one of those women whom I would be way too nervous to approach. I’d probably stutter like no other or pee myself if I tried to talk to you out in the real world. I wondered though if anyone else ever had that same problem?

Oh yes! See I own this computer shop, and a lot of times, I do have people come in with magazines I was in, asking for autographs. I’m of course totally flattered and don’t mind at all. But this one time, I had some customers who were way too shy to ask. So instead of just coming up to me at the counter, they rented a computer and then started to chat with me via the PCs and asked about getting an autograph from the chat.  It was a rather awkward encounter with the customers, but at the same time, I’m just glad they chose to play at my computer shop that day.  Also, as I said earlier, I’m really flattered that some of them would actually go to my shop just to see me in person.

This couch has a more rewarding life that I have



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  1. Arvin Mores

    for me, I think there’s something wrong with your make up artist, its like he emphasize more on your nose, the shot is great and your pose is great but the nose distracts me,