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Celine HellOnHeels – One Helluva Sexy Lady

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Celine HellOnHeels is a pole dancer,aerial arts and burlesque performer specializing in exotic/stripper style with explicit emphasis on aggressive, defiant and savage floor f*****y.


IT WAS A DAY after the debauchery that was KINK KARNIVAL, that I got a private message in my social media account from one of the exhibitors at the event, who also have seen my short performance that night, and offered a possible collaboration—an obscure entity only known as the cinematographer at Les Filles de Pigalle. 

Took a moment to stalk the page of Les Filles de Pigalle,which themes are of dark and sexual nature–composed of provocative photographs of female subjects, that are strategically bound by ropes, in compromising yet exciting positions, suspended, gagged and salivating in near-death orgasm.

Fast forward after a month, a photoshoot was set up in collaboration with Victoria Court and Intimate Manila together with the queen of rope bondage, Joyen Santos.


It was an unforgettable experience having this French photographer personally went through my wardrobe and handpicked the best combination of clothes which I have worn to conform with theme of the shoot he had in mind. Not many photographers can be a ‘stylist’,and that showed serious attention to details. First and second part of the shoot were solo shots of me, doing poses and simple movements around the dance pole available at the room and just lying around the bed and summoning the devil at the mirror. The finale was being bound and dominated by Joyen and my initiation rites to candle wax play.


The waiting for the final photos of this shoot is something I have looked forward to. In between waiting time, Les Filles de Pigalle asked me to write this short article about myself. Not really fond of self-promotion but since the opportunity presented itself, why not give it a chance? Below are brief introduction about myself. I am not a famous person nor a celebrity of sorts. I highly doubt it. Hahaha… Five minutes of fame timer…starts now!




Q: Can you elaborate further the short bio / description you provided about yourself above this article?

A: It is pretty straightforward. No pretensions. I gravitate to a style of poledancing that is highly suggestive and sexual.I have no shame to admit that I like the aesthetics and sex appeal of strippers. Inspired with how confident and empowered they are in owning their sexuality. I am not a stripper but I like their style. Though I do floorwork, it is more than just showing my ass to the audience and just be attractive. I attend Pole Exotic and Polesque classes every week at Pole Dolls Dance Studio to enhance and refine my technique.


Q: Why do you call your self HellOnHeels?

A: I like wearing high heels when performing over bare feet (except in pole class and when I am learning difficult tricks for safety purposes). To me, I see myself as a Goddess Ov Hell, riding the metal and annihilating everyone. I do that through performing the way I do,since burning people alive is illegal. (Laughs). I like the allure, the sexual energy, the dominating force wearing high heels gives me.


Q: Your five minutes of fame timer is up, do you have any agenda/shows/ what-nots you want to promote? Social media fan page / website, etc?

A: I do not have a fan page.Quite honestly, I may consider making one since people have been asking..but not today.I do have private Facebook account that only has people I know in real life. But I do make appearances when invited in most events like Kink Karnival. Upcoming show will be this Halloween for Dark Karnival in the Makati area, so watch out for further announcement and posters. For pole shows, every year the studio have pole recitals so I am likely to be a participant.




To conclude this write-up, I have no further words, but just look at the photos when it is available (or until it is not yet taken down).  Thank you for the time reading and looking at the finished, post-processed photos.



Text by: Celine HellOnHeels

Photos: Les Filles de Pigalle

Lingerie: Model’s Own

Pentagram Harness: Paola Marie Castillo

Hair and Makeup: Laime Pascual

Venue: Victoria Court


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