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Joyen Santos – Naughty and Nice with the Queen of Rope

Joyen Santos – The Sexy Siren Has Arrived

Joyen Santos

Joyen SantosJoyen Santos and her tantalizing eyes

Joyen Santos is, in plain words, a singing and dancing Catwoman in the Grand Chapiteau. She is an audiophile who can and will appreciate any and all kinds of music. Having had varied experiences and plenty of success in the local rock and metal scene through her band The Black Vomits, she is now branching out — lending her sultry “female tenor” voice and unique style to deep house, dubstep, and triphop through Tonedef Music. Joyen has been involved in music in some way or another for well over 10 years — starting from classical training and music theory, to trying her hand in pop, moving on to rock and now starting to add electronic music to her plethora of singing experience. Joyen is also an accomplished Audio Engineer and has worked on all kinds of projects, from music to film to advertising. With the volume of her experiences in both the production and performance aspects of music, she is sure to bring lots of new things to the local scene. She is also currently getting into one of the most popular genres of Angolan dance, the slow and sensual Kizomba.

Joyen-Santos-Queen-Rope-Manila-Bondage-BDSM-Mistress-50-Shades-Grey-Philippines-Filipina--Asian-IntimateManila 2

Joyen Santos

Joyen Santos

Joyen is the proud mother of Durden and Yzma – two rescue cats – and only adopts black cats on principle. Black cats are commonly mistreated because of popular superstitious beliefs against them. Joyen will do everything in her power to protect and nurture these cats,including using her background in marksmanship against anyone who shows cruelty against them. Joyenhas trained with the PNP and the Marines in both Olympic and practical shooting. Her weapon of choice in both styles is the heaviest pistol around, the ancient Feinwerkbau and a Colt .45 (not the drink).


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