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Joycee Castro – One of the MOST Beautiful Creatures in Manila


Joycee, a well known car show and magazine model, finally graces Intimate Manila with her beauty and that undeniable aura of sexiness. We had a chance to not only get a steamy photo shoot with this girl. However, we also had a short yet intimate discussion with her as well πŸ˜‰

Β Joycee-Castro-Hot-Filipina-Model-in-Manila-2



Asked on how she describes herself, she said that her name is Joycee. “Today a name, tomorrow, a legend.”



Her hips and butt are her favorite body parts and she knows how to work them. Let these fine picture of Joyce prove such as she has a body that any man would fall for. She has that hips that would drive the men wild. Joycee’s backside? Oh yeah, she knows how to work that and give J. Lo a run for her money.



Speaking of body parts, we had to ask what male body part/s she found sexy. For Joycee Castro, it has to be the shoulders. She likes the well-defined, broad shoulders of a man because they signify the strength and masculinity that any woman would want. So fellas, if you want to get this fine lady’s attention, you need to have to be head and shoulders above the rest.

Joycee-Castro-Hot-Filipina-Model-in-Manila-8 Joycee-Castro-Hot-Filipina-Model-in-Manila-11

Puns aside, why don’t you just go to the next page to see more Joycee. We know you want to πŸ˜‰


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