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Jelai Andres: Manila’s Best Booty – The Unreleased Photos


Jelai Andres: Manila’s Best Booty – The Unreleased Photos


Intimate Manila and UNO Magazine bring to you one of the hottest models once again and this time we got you Jelai Andres!



Currently, she’s the latest Intimate Manila muse to be featured in UNO Magazine #96. We’ve been hearing some people wanting MORE of Jelai Andres and that sexy booty of hers. Well, we here at Intimate Manila will not deny you of your demands for we got a slew of unreleased photos from one of the hottest photo shoots we’ve had in years.





Jelai2CJelai and her glorious booty


If these unreleased photos won’t satisfy your cravings for this gorgeous girl, here’s something that may help you…


Jelai Andres for #IntimateManila


If you STILL want more, we suggest you to get the latest issue of UNO Magazine #96 to check out Jelai and her stunning body. Thank you, Jelai, for being our latest Intimate Manila muse. We certainly had an awesome time at this shoot.


Jelai Andres w/ Intimate Manila’s Executive Producer Vince Golangco


Jelaigroup2CJelai and the Intimate Manila Crew



Executive Producer: Vince Golangco

Model: Jelai Andres

Photographer: Doc Allen

Video Director: Harold Soon

Video Editor: Dino Pastrano

HMUA: Carell Garcia of BYS Cosmetics

Stylist: Kristine Toribio

Writer: Mariel Abanes

Location: Victoria Court Pasig

Lingerie: PartyGal Lingerie (IG: @PartyGalManila)

Shoes: Nereku (IG: @Nereku)

Wardrobe: Jenny Sebulo (IG: @shop_kbyjs)



logo_final vc-victoria-court-logo-wheninmanila


Wanna check out more pictures of this fine lady? Grab UNO Magazine issue # 96! It’s out now in bookstores everywhere!


Jelai Andres: Manila’s Best Booty – The Unreleased Photos

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