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Intimate Manila: The More Sensual Side of the Filipina, featuring Daniella Jose

Intimate Manila: The More Sensual Side of the Filipina, featuring Daniella Jose

Daniella Jose 

When in Manila, you’re bound to see beautiful sights and sounds. This first article for Intimate Manila would bring you just that, with our Filipina muse : Daniella Jose.

Daniella Jose

Intimate Manila: Daniella Jose

Intimate-Manila-Interview-FHM-Model-Daniella-Jose-2 A reflection of beauty 

Intimate Manila was created by the team in order to fully explore the beauty of Manila and the Philippines. We realized that getting a quarter million, or more specifically: over 300,000 views per month, was a big deal, so we wanted to make sure we were showing off all there really is to boast from our side of the globe. What we discovered was that we have not been featuring one of the most sensual and beautiful things on our lands: the Filipina.

“Intimate Manila is both classy and sexy.

It’s teasing the world with a cloak of mystery, just enough to catch their attention, but without giving away too much for them to feel overwhelmed.” 




If looks could kill…

Daniella, how did you learn about the Intimate Manila project?

Vince told me about Intimate Manila a few days ago. After he showed me the peg for today’s shoot I said I was in for sure! Besides, I can never say ‘no’ to Vince.


So why do you think we picked you to be our first Intimate Manila muse? 

It’s either because I’m the full package of being funny, spontaneous, bubbly and super down to earth, or it’s because you couldn’t get anyone else to go along with Vince’s crazy ideas.

We plead the 5th…. anyway tell me, who IS Daniella Jose? 

I’m a girl who likes making the world more beautiful. I found out at a very young age that I really like makeup. I was playing around with my aunt’s colors and I just loved it ever since. So now I’m studying hair and makeup and fashion styling at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I really like this as it gives me a chance to make others pretty too, and I really think it helps boost your confidence and self image. In fact, I’m doing my own hair and make-up today for this Intimate Manila shoot.



Yes, it’s getting hot  for us too

Intimate-Manila-Interview-FHM-Model-Daniella-Jose-11She dropped something…. 


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  1. jomar says:


  2. allen joel says:

    galing ng video…

  3. Misanthropist says:

    The first time is always special! Good job guys…interested to see more Intimate Manila features.

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  5. I wish this got more attention then it did. Some of the things WiM posts get a lot of attention, but this didn’t get as much attention as I thought. As I said on Facebook, I think Doc Allen is an awesome photographer for setting this up and the amazing Daniella Jose couldn’t have been more photogenic. I wish I knew Daniella Jose in person so I could ask her out to dinner. I know I don’t know you Vince, but I’m a decent guy who is brave enough to ask a woman like her out…if I knew how to get ahold of her.

  6. macros says:

    this is so awesome , so perfect for a transgender, I wish to be like you ….

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