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Brazilian Bonita in Manila Gabriele Paraizo: Intimate Manila

Oh so cheesy! Have you found that guy? Well, how do you wish to be courted by your dream guy? Where do you wish he will bring you on your first night?

Well, maybe. *wink* I would wish for the guy to do it in a fun way, I mean maybe with a little flirting on one side, a tease on the other, but I want him to talk to me after, one by one. I would wish to know him more, maybe he could take me to places that are nice and more peaceful where we can talk intimately. In order for the guy to get my heart, he has to know me too.




Intimate Manila: Guys could only wish to know the door to her heart.

You make me blush but where is that peaceful place? *wink*

Some place cozy like a coffee shop or a nice restaurants. Bars can do but clubs are no-no. I love to party, yes, and I go to clubs but when it comes to a one-on-one talk, it has to be a bar with more comfty music and an intimate ambience.

Are you sure that’s all? *wink*

Oh, I get you! *laugh* No, he needs to know me well first where I could trust him before we could go to that “place.” *wink* It is something important and before you give in, you make sure that he is worth your memory for you will remember it for a lifetime.  Marriage is of course still the ideal time but couples should be careful.

Wise words from a young gorgeous lady. Has anyone broken the heart of Gabriele Paraizo?

Well, not really, except that my last relationship had to end because I believe a long distance relationship would not work. We have to part ways as he was left in Brazil but it was a good one, no hard feelings or regrets either. In a relationship, I would wish for me and a guy to be together regularly, not everyday but at least once a week after work. I know I am still young and I know a lot will come my way so I am not thinking about it too much.


Intimate Manila: Never keep a lady waiting, especially a gorgeous one at that!

I promised by Editor-in-Chief (Vince), that I will not make this cheesy but I can’t help but ask you, what would be that kind of date that will blow your heart away? 

An island getaway! I love peaceful places where I can just relax, swim a bit and enjoy life. If a guy could set up a romantic date at the beach at sunset or by candlelight on the beach, I think I would faint with happiness! Of course, the food must be good as well with the wine too!


Intimate Manila: Enter her life and love her with the best that you can.

Let’s make this a bit different for my last sets of questions. This time, I’ll ask you random questions for you to answer,  just short answers and state why:

What part of a guy’s body is your most favorite?

Eyes! I believe eyes show a person’s true intention and beauty.

What attracts you to a guy at first meeting?

Smell. No, not the perfume smell, his natural smell.

I believe that is what you can pheromones. *laughs* Which do you prefer to give to someone special, a kiss or a hug?

 Hug, a tight one! I want to be as close to his heart as I can ever get.

What is your personal fantasy?

To be in an island and get lost in paradise.

I seem to get what you mean. *wink* If you were to be a drink, what would it be?

White wine! Well, because it is slightly sweeter than red and is gentle but still strong like me!

What movie can you say describes you the most? 

Goldengirl! I want to be as strong and as fast as her.

Wow! That is an old movie, a 1979 one. How about a magazine?

Vogue! I want to model for that magazine someday.

Choose one: Philippines, Brazil, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Brazil of course but if I were allowed to choose two, Philippines.

Any chance of joining Miss Brazil?

Not any. Not that I can’t but I don’t want to since it’s a more complicated life.


Intimate Manila: It is every guy’s dream to wake up everyday with a beautiful sight.


Can you fill up this statement: When In Manila, _________?

When In Manila, try partying all night in Manila’s club! I love to go regularly at Privé where I meet the coolest fashionistas to some fun-loving people who knows how to have good clean fun, no to mention, Filipinos dance well! Don’t forget to travel a bit to places outside Manila, you’ll enjoy the beaches with kind hospitality.


Make her mornings special after an Intimate Manila night.

Can you be When In Manila’s sort of tourism ambassador? *laughs* What’s next for Gabriele Paraizo?

I will be heading to Malaysia for my next modeling stint at Kuala Lumpur and staying a few months before I head to my last stop, Singapore. By April next year, I will be going back to Brazil to pursue my university education in Brasilia. I will be taking up journalism so that I can enhance more my learnings in documentary-making and filmmaking too.

Awww! You would surely be missed here in the Philippines. Any message to our readers and When In Manila?

Thank you very much for the lovely shoot! I feel privileged to be one of the lovely Intimate Manila models and I hope the readers would stay tuned for more features. Thank you When In Manila, I’ll remember you and will share your website to my friends in other countries and in Brazil.


Intimate Manila: A tough lady is a beautiful lady.

Thank you very much! We hope to see more lovely Brazilian ladies here in Manila. *wink* Obrigada Gabi!

Obrigada When In Manila!

When In Manila, and want to know the classy hot ladies of Manila, be sure to check our series installment of our other Intimate Manila models soon. We heard that there will be more Brazilian models soon for the shoot.

Brazilian in Manila: Gabriele Paraizo for our Intimate Manila series of from WhenInManila

Our special thanks once more to Gabriele Paraizo who is now in Malaysia for another leg of her modeling stint in Southeast Asia. When In Manila team wishes you the best!

gabriele-paraizo-wim Intimate Manila model Gabi Paraizo trying out the When In Manila shirt!


Executive Producer: Vince Golangco

Photographer: Doc Allen

Videographer: Jeff Rebustillo

Co-videographer: Willie Samson

Model: Gabriele Paraizo

HMUA: Lhen de Jesus-Ong

Stylist: Alexander Abad

Location: Victoria Court Gil Puyat




Intimate Manila: The Brazilian Bonita in Manila, with Gabriele Paraizo


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