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Brazilian Bonita in Manila Gabriele Paraizo: Intimate Manila

Intimate Manila: Gabriele Paraizo

643963_494387310585446_2136297749_n Intimate Manila presents Gabriele Paraizo

When In Manila is bring you another edition of our sizzling addition, Intimate Manila, and this time, we have made another first by bringing in our first foreign model, a hot Brazilian bonita at that. Gabriele Paraizo will bring us to paradise with her tempting eyes, pretty face and a natural high-fashion aura as we are lucky to have her for the set.

311159_497886143568896_1235887073_nIntimate Manila: Gabi’s eyes are one of her most tantalizing aspects. 

I have to admit, the language difference was a bit of a challenge but yours truly showed off his skills of Portuguese and Spanish to impress our lady here… I hope. However, there is no such a thing as foreign language when it comes to beauty, charm, and sexy. Together with When In Manila Editor-In-Chief Vince Golangco, let’s see what this hot bonita chic has to offer.


Intimate Manila: One look in her eyes would surely melt your heart. 

*Note: Part of the conversation was directly translated from Portuguese and Spanish for the readers.



Intimate Manila: One sizzling hot Brazilian Bonita please, and make it double!

Ola bonita! Como voce esta? I have to admit that you completely blew me away at first sight! You owned this shy interviewer totally but first things first, how did you know about the Intimate Manila shoot?

I saw the previous Intimate Manila shoot on Daniella Jose and the lovely shots completely blew me out! I love it! So I decided to contact Doc Allen and booked myself for the next Intimate Manila photo shoot.


429984_496583713699139_205417516_nIntimate Manila: Gabi is a one tough lady with a slightly shy disposition.

Oh yes, none can deny the photography and convincing power of Doc Allen! You look more beautiful in person than the photos we have seen of you. I am sure he will do you justice with the photos. Well, considering you are a Brazilian and you are the first foreign model at Intimate Manila, how long have you been staying in the country?

I have been staying in Manila for two months as my current gig with a modeling agency. My contract is actually just for three months but I decided to extend it longer since I love it here.

Wow! You are surely enjoying and loving your stay! What do you love the most about the country?

I love the beaches!

Wait! Don’t you have a lot of beaches in Brazil, famous at that? What makes Philippine beaches special then?

Beaches in Brazil are also nice but the beaches in the Philippines are a bit nicer, still pristine and with lots of fun activities too. I went to Boracay and I loved the parties there. I love parties and I love the beach, plus Boracay is simply the best.

522400_496601307030713_1653484862_nIntimate Manila: Physical beauty is merely a reflection what is more beautiful within.

I have to agree with you, It’s More Fun In The Philippines, isn’t it? Anyway, I do notice that there has been a surge of Brazilian models visiting the country. What is with the Philippines that attracts Brazilians like you? Why not in fashion centers like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and the likes?

Brazil and the Philippines have a lot in common so adapting  is really easy for myself and my fellow Brazilians models; they are both tropical countries with similar cultures and religion. The Philippines feels like home, only more relaxed, the life is easier and most of all, Brazilians get good jobs here especially in modeling.


39294_495877250436452_417351882_nImagine if Gabi was your date for an Intimate Manila night!

No wonder for Brazilian models are naturally pretty, cute and alluring! You mentioned that Brazilians get good jobs here in the country so does this mean you have also travelled to other countries?

Why, thank you! Yes, I have travelled to Indonesia and China for my modelling stints. I lived for a few months there, doing some shoots for local and international brands.

I hope you don’t mind me asking, which of the three countries did you enjoy most, China, Indonesia or the Philippines?

The Philippines of course! I enjoyed my time there in China experiencing a unique culture, with Indonesia, not so much since it was all work, work and work all days of the week. In those countries, people treated me professionally but I was bound by rules never to makes friends with the staff, crew and even co-models at work. Here? Everyone seems to be a friend, even those you have just met, even you! (grins) People are willing to get out of their way to help you in almost everything. I love Filipinos!

You seem to be enjoying your stay! What else are you doing?

I am making a short documentary about the life of models in the three countries I have visited. Interesting lives, fun but also some stresses adapting to different cultures. Filmmaking is my passion though I am only an amateur in this.



560848_502107206480123_1850844035_nIntimate Manila: Hold her tight and never let her go.

Such talent! Speaking of model life, you know how hectic a models’ life, right? Attached with it are some not so good guys taking advantage of your work. Have you encountered guys harrassing you?

 Yes, in one of my model stints in other countries but not here in the Philippines. Guys here like my co-models and the staff of some shoots are really kind, friendly but still knows how to give some space. They give respect even when they are close to you and that is what I am thankful for.

Whew! I though you’ve had close calls like some of our past Intimate Manila models (Daniella and Paloma). If Filipino guys have been friendly to you and respectful, have you dated one? What do you like about guys?

Oh, I haven’t dated any. My relationship with my Filipino guy colleagues are more of a professional one and the guys treat me as somehow a younger sister that they want to take care. Filipino guys are sweet and caring, they would make the initiative of helping you out before you tell them your needs, one of the best people around.

Ouch! Friend-zoned, but thank you! Seeing all these kinds of hunk guys around in the modeling industry, what kind of guy can possibly catch your heart for a lifetime?

I am a family person where I always spend time with my family when I am in Brazil. I grew in a family that loves each other so much and so close to each other. That is the family I want, just like my own and I would be really attracted to a guy who is also like that for I know he would never leave me. I see him as caring, loving and the one that would get out of his way to make me smile or even laugh with a good sense of humor. Physically, good physique are plus points but I would want him to be very postured and would make an effort to always smell good.

487033_495098963847614_622827577_nIntimate Manila: Take a peek… or not, for she can drive you crazy!

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