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Intimate Manila: Kookai Sarmiento Does Not Like Pants

Intimate Manila Presents: Kookai Sarmiento

Kookai Sarmiento

Kookai Sarmiento – Intimate Manila’s Latest Muse


When in Manila is bringing you another scintillating edition of Intimate Manila. In this issue, we’d like to introduce to you a girl that would rock your world: Kookai Sarmiento.



970428_631144553576387_358425793_nKookai Sarmiento @ Intimate Manila’s Sizzling New Entry!

With her rockin’ body and nice curves, Kookai has all the tools to look sexy in any attire. In this Intimate Manila shoot, Kookai proved to us she can be the next hot Bond Girl. There’s no doubt that this girl will make you feel James Bond’s Martini…shaken…not stirred. But for this former executive recruiter, what kind of things does she look for in a man? Is it the James Bond type? Or does she have other requirements for you to be ‘the man’ of her life? Read below and find out for yourself.


968848_631144746909701_367206524_nKookai knows how to turn up the heat!


What was your former job about? Does it have anything to do with the modeling industry?

Far from it. I was an Executive Specialist. I worked with a headhunter who looks for Managers, Executive Secretaries and the like.

  Kookai Sarmiento, Executive Specialist, has a nice ring to it if you ask me! So…being an Executive Specialist, what’s the highest executive position you interviewed for a company?

Oh, that’s easy. The highest position I’ve ever interviewed inside a room was a CEO.

  A CEO?! That’s kinda intimidating, don’t you think? What were the usual questions do you ask these executives when you interview them?

I usually ask a couple of questions like one I often ask is: “What motivates you in your career?” – I let them do the talking from there and I observe their answer as well as their body language. If their answers fit what our clients are looking for in the job, it’s easy for us to get them as candidates.




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