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Hot Import Nights Autoshow: Top 10 Models at HIN Car Show

 Hot Import Nights Autoshow: Top 10 Models at HIN Car Show


The Hot Import Nights 2 (HIN2) came and went faster and more furious than ever! Just in case you missed it, we made sure to get you the HOTTEST backstage passes you could get your hands on!

We made sure to send two of our top photographers to get you the inside scoop. We send our Senior Photographer Pete Baltazar and Intimate Manila Head Photographer Doc Allen to find the most sizzling women at the Hot Import Nights Manila Car Show!

Here’s Pete Baltazar’s choices for his Top 10 Hot Import Night Models:

*Note: we did not include the international models in this list. Will post a separate article for that


10. Nicole Genove and Karen Espenida

The best things in life come in pairs. You know…. like PB & J, Jordan & Pippen, Boobs…. oh and of course, Nicole Genove and KAren Espenida at the Autobot booth!

Autobot-Nicole-Genove-Karen-Espenida-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-44 (1)

Autobot-Nicole-Genove-Karen-Espenida-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-44 (2)

Autobot-Nicole-Genove-Karen-Espenida-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-44 (3)

Autobot-Nicole-Genove-Karen-Espenida-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-44 (4)

9. Yassi Benitez

This girl had the cutest smile! Coming in at number nine is Yassi Benitez.

Yassi-Benitez-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-38 (2)

Yassi-Benitez-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-38 (3)

Yassi-Benitez-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-38 (1)

8. Tina Kumura

Hot tattoos on a hot body is nothing to be taken for granted! Hot Import Nights hottest model number eight is Tina Kumura.

Tina-Kumura-Kimura-Autoguard-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-34 (1)

Tina-Kumura-Kimura-Autoguard-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-34 (2)

Tina-Kumura-Kimura-Autoguard-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-34 (3)

Tina-Kumura-Kimura-Autoguard-Hot-Import-Nights-HIN-Models-Manila-Hot-Girls-Car-Show-Booth-Babes-WhenInManila-34 (4)

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