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Essy Lee is a Classic Beauty with Curves in the Right Places

Have you seen that movie Eyes Wide Shut, where sexy people did sexy things in a beautiful mansion? If it were real, Essy Lee would fit in the scenes, as you can see from her shoot below.

Our friend Roj Miguel took fantastic photos of this beautiful model, and he was able to capture her innocent beauty and sexy body in a lavish and exotic setting.

Check out our exclusive photos of Essy below:

essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-1 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-2 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-3 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-4


Essy looks seductive in her photos above, but she can also pull off an innocent look. Check out these photos:


essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-5 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-8 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-7 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-6


But our favorite shots are these two, which proudly show off her curves. Damn, girl!


essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-10 essy-capiral-is-a-classic-beauty-with-curves-in-the-right-places-9


Can’t get enough of Essy? The feeling’s mutual! We’re hoping this won’t be the last time we’ll see her here.

Executive Producer: Vince Golangco

Model: Essy Lee
Photographer: Roj Miguel
Styling: Ness Deyn
HMUA: Gail Maceda
Videographer : Pogs Francisco
Location: Victoria Court Hillcrest

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