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Blurred Lines No More: Sheila Snow in UNO Magazine

Blurred Lines No More

Everybody get up!

Hey, hey, hey! ♪ ♫

There’s a new bombshell in town, and we can’t help but compare her to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video star: Emily Ratajkowski! Just in case you’re not sure which girl we’re talking about in that video…. no…. you KNOW which one we’re talking about!

The only difference is that there aren’t any blurred lines with our muse; she’s a straight to the point type of girl! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sheila Snow, our latest #IntimateManila seductress.

Beautiful @iamSheilaS in this month’s UNO Magazine for @IntimateManila 

Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-6 Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-22

So are you familiar with Emily Ratajkowski? Has anyone told you that you look like her?

Oh my god! Of course I am! I And yes, some of my friends and even my relatives have told me that… but I really don’t see it. She’s so pretty and sexy and all! What is it that makes people compare me to her? Is it the lips?

So you don’t agree with the comparisons?

Well it’s definitely flattering, to be compared to someone as beautiful as her, but if anything it’s really her mannerisms in the video that I’d compare to myself. I’m very playful, spontaneous and also very comfortable with just being me… and maybe our lips… haha.

Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-10 Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-24 Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-8

What makes you so comfortable with yourself? Or should I say confident?

I wouldn’t say confident. I think it’s just more of me accepting myself for who I am. So with that, anyone else who doesn’t like me for me, or accept me for myself, they can just go away because I am happy with who I am.

Perfectly said. So what else makes you happy?

Bacon, coffee, desserts, soda, cupcakes, cakes, ice cream and tea.

Oh…. I like how you added tea at the end.

Well you know, a girl’s got to stay healthy! *giggles*

So how do you stay in such sexy shape if you like all those kinds of sweets?

Oh you know… make-up and photoshop. *giggles*

Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-16 Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-18 Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-26

Anything else make you happy, other than sugar overdoses?

I’m a very simple type of girl. I like hanging out with friends and sitting in coffee shops. I’m not much of a party animal really. I love to read! Books, random trivia, good websites, I love learning stuff.

Speaking of sitting in coffee shops, what would your ideal date be? What would your future Mr. Ratajkowski be like? Assuming he would take your lookalike’s last name… but why wouldn’t he?!

Oh, haha, I really like funny guys. I like guys who are smart and have intelligent jokes. You know they say that you can tell what a guy is like from the jokes he likes. So I like the smart guys with the smart jokes, but the occasional cheesy, stupid humor is ok too.


So what are some tips you have for the guys out there hoping to ask you out?

As the cliché goes, just be yourself. Some girls will like you, some won’t, it’s normal. But at least if you’re being yourself, you’ll attract girls who actually like you for who you are rather than those who will like you because of someone you were pretending to be.

And what about the girls trying to ask you out? Hahaha, just kidding….

They can definitely just be themselves too.

I was just joking…ummmm…. do you swing both ways?

Maybe… *wink*

Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-12 Sheila-Suyat-iamsheilas-SheilaS-FHM-UNO-Magazine-UNOmag-Manila-Philippines-Model-Hot-Girl-Intimate-IntimateManila-WhenInManila-14

OMG! This room just got so much hotter! So hypothetically speaking, what type of girl would you go for?

Well hypothetically speaking…. I like girls who are curvy in the right places…. big boobs definitely!

WOW! And who would be your celebrity girl crush?

Hmmmmm….. Emily Ratajkowski… hahah ‘cause people keep talking about her around me so I always check her out and I follow her online.

You stalker you! And if Emily would ever come across this article, what would you want to say to her?

Ummmmmm…. “I know you want it” ♪ ♫ (singing to the “Blurred Lines” song tune)

Hahaha! No blurred lines there.


To find out more about this month’s @IntimateManila bombshell, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @iamSheilaSnow

@IntimateManila is a photographic series that profiles the beautiful women who live in or visit Manila and the Philippines. Created by @VinceGolangco of (a top blog in Manila that gets over 1 million views per month) in partnership with UNO Magazine.

 Sheila Snow

Executive Producer: Vince Golangco
Model: Sheila Snow
Photographer: Doc Allen
Video Director: Harold Soon
HMUA: Lhen De Jesus-Ong
Stylist: Kristine Toribio
Lights: Martin V
Assistant Photographer: Chris Andrew Hizon
Location: Victoria Court Malate

Special thanks to Cesa Swimwear (

Pick up a copy of UNO Magazine issue #93 to see Sheila S again!



Blurred Lines No More: Sheila Snow in UNO Magazine

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