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Bachelorette Party Theme Rooms in Manila: Best Bridal Shower Locations


When in Manila, a fireman, a police officer and 11 ladies have a secret –  Something fun, sexy and raunchy has happened one evening in  Manila – a bachelorette party like no other!  The corners and walls of the room called Casino Royale are the only witnesses of this activity. We found the best place to hold the Bachelorette Party / Bridal Shower is at the Victoria Court themed party rooms that can easily fit a dozen or more people!

victoriacourt -wheninmanila006


 “Welcome to Victoria Court!”, the room boy greeted us. I was with my girl friend who was also clad in a mini dress and sexy shoes. Even though we are not the bride-to-be, we still wanted to look good that night. We were worried that the two room boys who greeted us at the gate would give us judging looks and once-over. Maybe they are not used to seeing two ladies coming up to them. Everyone knows that Victoria Court is a place where a couple – a boy and a girl – would go, if they need an intimate time together. Surprisingly, they were polite and professional when they welcomed us. They even assisted us with our bags.

We told them the “pass code”, and they knew what we mean. They are expecting us. The room boys knew we were coming.  I like that the staff is aware of the reservation. It makes the check-in process smooth. How many times did we get invited to an event and the receptionist has no idea of what event we are talking about – that sometimes makes us feel we are uninvited. It is the exact opposite at the Victoria Court, the receptionist and room boys are informed, prompt and attentive.

They brought us to the big party suite  / themed room called “Casino Royale.” Victoria Court is known for its themed bedrooms – from Oval Office, Moulin Rouge, X-Men to Startrek. I only got to experience a Victoria Court themed room once – so we were a little excited what Casino Royale would bring us.

victoriacourt -wheninmanila009

 Now do you want to see more of our little secret place? Continue reading….


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