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All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos

Joyen24ACFun with ropes


Now, when we say raw, we damn right mean RAW! Joyen takes this getting-to-know-you phase into a whole new level as she expects to see your entire medical history before ever getting intimate with you!

“I have to know completely what I’m getting into and what is getting into me, if you know what I mean,” she added.


Joyen21ACJoyen is all tied up…and waiting for you

Aside from ‘roping,’ Joyen is also a lady who wears a LOT of hats. Included in the long list are being a photographer, filmmaker, audio engineer, model and a singer! Whew! That says a lot about this lady who dips her toes to anything, even admitting that she has a kind of AHDH with life.




How does she do it all? “I really try to be disciplined,” she states. She’s a self-confessed perfectionist and obsessive-compulsive, organizing everything properly from her schedule to her lifestyle to grammar to everything else on the side! She shares, “Ultimately, working in the audio visual art, I noticed that the cause of stress is when things don’t go according to plan, when things don’t go on time. Throughout the years I learned that.”


Joyen-WIMshirt-1ACJoyen, all tied up with the t-shirt


And that’s all for our interview with the Queen of Rope, Joyen Santos! She’ll be sure to tie up and loose ends for you… Oh and just be sure to bring a doctor’s certificate before getting your treat from this “Rope Bondage Dominatrix!


Joyen-BTSCJoyen getting some help from Luis on the ropes

Joyen-Intimate-Manila-BTSJoyen with the Intimate Manila Crew…and ropes!



Executive Producer: Vince Golangco

Model: Joyen Santos

Photographer: Doc Allen

HMUA: Carell Garcia of BYS Cosmetics

Stylist: Kristine Toribio

Writer: Mariel Abanes

Rope Artist: Luis Medina

Location: Victoria Court Pasig

Lingerie: PartyGal Lingerie

Shoes: Nereku

Wardrobe: Cesa PH Swimwear

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All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos

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