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All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos

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All Tied Up with the Queen of Rope: Joyen Santos



“Rope Bondage Dominatrix” – it’s quite a title to have on your business card, yet this is one that Joyen Santos holds proudly! Don’t let the cute smile fool you, as these treats from the “Queen of Rope” will have you tricked and bound faster than you can tie your shoelaces.

What started out as a small curiosity from watching Japanese anime (anime fans will understand) eventually turned into a full-fledged personal infatuation. Joyen, now one of the top rope experts in Manila, believes that the texture of the rope over human skin is something that is meant to be. She felt this bond is so beautiful and artistic, that she engaged more and more into it; doing shoots, modeling and putting up an exhibit that showcases this rope-art.




For the curious, Joyen gladly explains (and demonstrates) what this art form really is:

I first mention its roots in the martial art employed by the Japanese police to detain prisoners of war – hojojutsu – which was founded during the Sengoku/Muromachi Period, or the Dark Ages of Japan. I elaborate on the disciplined, artful, and most of all, honorable culture of Japan even with the simplest of things, such as origami and ikebana. Next, I am very careful when throwing words around vanillafolk. I refer to what I do as rope art, instead of rope bondage – which can be compared to nude versus naked, wrapped/embraced to bound/constricted. I also compare rope art to pole dancing (which has lewd references as well, but is now respected as a sport) and have referred to suspensions as aerial rope, to suggest similarities with aerial silks and hoops.


When asked why she does, what she does:


Why does an artist pick a certain medium to strive to excel at? Probably because of convenience and control during the early stages, influence of a beloved mentor, personal perspectives of beauty, and even curiosity? Maybe it’s all or more or none of those things. Some painters realize that they prefer watercolor over oil or glass over iron, palette knives over brushes, etc. as they experiment and try to develop an identity. My raw materials just so happened to be beautiful female bodies of all sizes and thin, decorative nylon and jute.



And speaking of tying people down, we then humbly inquired what it would take for a guy to bind the Queen of Rope’s heart…

“I’m gonna say it straight; I’m very smart, I’m very beautiful, and I know what I want. I’m very driven, as in konti lang ang Filipina na kasing tapang ko, so pumantay ka naman. I think naman I deserve a guy who can handle that. I mean, can anyone tell me otherwise?”


Another thing you need to know is that Joyen is not a fan of the traditional courtship or “ligaw,” as she says there is a certain fakeness to this. When a guy is formally courting you, he will only present his good side and never anything else. Joyen, who loves the raw art in ropes and bondage, says she would much rather also see the rawness in someone, rather than all the fake fluff.

Joyen-Santos-Queen-Rope-Manila-Bondage-BDSM-Mistress-50-Shades-Grey-Philippines-Filipina--Asian-IntimateManila 3

Joyen SantosDat ass…


See more of Joyen’s hot pics on the next page. CLICK NOW!

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