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Alex Moreno – Sweet Dreams

Alex Moreno is one of our latest muses at Intimate Manila.

Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-1 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-2 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-3

It’s been three years since we last seen Alex, and boy has she gotten more beautiful!


Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-4 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-5 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-6

Alex Moreno is totally the girl of our dreams. To quote the Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams are made of these”, and I am NOT gonna disagree!


Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-7 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-8 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-9 Alex-Moreno-Sweet-Dreams-Intimate-Manila-10

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