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Victoria Court Malate: Ibiza and Aruba Rooms

A Visit to Victoria Court Malate’s Ibiza and Aruba Rooms

When in Manila, Victoria Court is one of those places where you can take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.



 Victoria Court Malate’s Ibiza Room

Recently, we went to Victoria Court’s Malate branch for the Intimate Manila shoot with Daniella Jose and we also had a chance to get into the establishment’s two rooms: Ibiza and Aruba. These rooms at Victoria Court Malate offer a distinct experience for those who would enter it.



More shots of the Ibiza Room @ Victoria Court Malate

Ibiza, formerly known as the 70s room, has a very interesting mix of comfort and ‘cool’. By cool, this author means a Jacuzzi that was stationed for this room at Victoria Court Malate. For me, that’s the highlight and signature of the Ibiza room.  Of course, the room wouldn’t be complete without the queen-sized bed. Victoria Court Malate’s Ibiza room has a queen-sized that is very comfortable to sleep in, especially when you’re drained out of energy.

The Aruba Room 

The Aruba room at Victoria Court Malate offers a nice twist for the visitors as well. This room has a couple of highlights that would make anyone’s stay very memorable. One key feature of the Aruba room is the interior design, especially the one they made for the bath tub. The bath tub in Victoria Court Malate’s Aruba room is surrounded by curtains and has a very nice ceiling affixed to it. The other noteworthy feature of the Aruba room is the revolving ‘door’ that has a mirror on one side and an LCD television on the other.



More shots of  the Aruba Room @ Victoria Court Malate

Each room had its distinct look and feel at Victoria Court Malate. They do, however, have one thing in common. This month, Victoria Court Malate is giving a room promo on both the Ibiza and Aruba rooms. The “Suite Moment” promo of Victoria Court Malate offers the Aruba room for only 2990php if you book an 8-hour stay.

Bedroom view of the Aruba Room @ Victoria Court Malate

But  stay tuned, the best part is yet to come! We also had a very special photo shoot here in the Victoria Court Malate Ibiza and Aruba rooms!

INTIMATE MANILAExecutive Producer: Vince Golangco
Photographer: Doc Allen
Videographer: Roanne Aujero
Model: Daniella Jose
HMUA: Daniella Jose
Stylist: Leah Rous II
Writer: Martin V
Location: Victoria Court Malate

In an attempt to fully feature the beauty of Manila and the Philippines, we at will be releasing an “Intimate Manila” titled series of photo shoots showcasing the most beautiful women from here.  Stay tuned for the full post to be released on 

When in Manila and you want an affordable place in the Malate area, try Victoria Court Malate’s Aruba room this month for its spectacular feel and discounted rates. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff of Victoria Court Malate, especially Mr. Sandy, Ms. DM, Mr. Niko, Mr. Jhonny Parale, Ms. Tanya Llana, and Ms. Marco for accommodating us for this interview and for the Intimate Manila shoot.

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A Visit to Victoria Court Malate’s Ibiza and Aruba Rooms  


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